Custom Inflatable Services + Trailer Service

                                40 years experience with inflatable boat repairs.

                                    Serviceing: Dinghy, Tenders, Sport boats, Outboards, + 

                                  All types of Trailer repair. from boat to horse trailers

Nowell Enterprises



  We do full inflatable boat repair! 

From a simple pin hole to full structural repairs.

Transom coming out?

Bottom falling off?

We can fix that!

Bought a new motor for your rib?

We can rig it for you!






  Other  services  offered : 


 Fiberglass repair,

Small Engines & Light Outboard Repair


 All types of Trailers

Service and Repair

  ( Boat and Utility )   



We are no longer in the Annapolis area.


You Can still send your boat to us!

For repair and service,

Send your boat to us by UPS or FedEx.

20800 Napa Ave. Middletown CA. 95461    

     "Please Note:

All freight cost is the responsibility of the owner"    


 For pick up in Northern California,

           please call Keith:             


 (Charges depend on your location)






   Custom Inflatable Services

A Note from the Owner 

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and our company.



 My name is Keith Nowell and I have been working on and with inflatable boats since 1977. 

I have conducted service training sponsored by multiple manufacturers through the years. 

I have worked for ZODIAC on two separate occasions. Most recently I was their technical and warranty manager, and among other duties was responsible for training the repair stations around the US and Canada, on the inflatable boats and life rafts.

Between my employment periods with Zodiac, I owned, with a partner, a successful life raft repack and boat repair station in Ft. Lauderdale, "PCS" (Pneumatique Craft Specialist).  We recently left Zodiac when they moved their headquarters to South Carolina.

My wife Susan was with the warranty administration office at Zodiac for 5 years and our son's have grown up in the boat shop.

Our 3 son's all worked in the boat and life raft shop at (PCS) and 2 of them with Zodiac doing service work like but not limited to: life raft packing, boat repair, fiberglass repair, shrink wrapping, bottom painting, full outfitting & rigging along with service training of the repair station network.


With the lack of service centers in Northern CA.

We are hoping to help customers in need of boat repair and service.

We offer full inflatable boat repair along with Small engine & light outboard service  along with light fiberglass & trailer Service & Repairs.




  [email protected]  or [email protected]







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